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Table 1 Timeline of relevant events

From: Pilonidal sinus of the cheek: an extremely rare clinical entity—case report and brief review of the literature

1st noticed (painful bulge)

January 2017

Discharge noted

February, 2017

Operated 1st (?Incision and drainage)

May, 2017

Operation 2nd

December, 2017

Self-Expression of pus from wound

March, 2018

Operation 3rd

April–May, 2018

Operation 4th (Our center)

February, 2019

Regular follow up—wound healed

June, 2019

Patient traced—telephone interview (recurrence—yes/no; response—no)

March, 2019

Telephone follow-up (recurrence—Yes/No; response—No), satisfaction with final outcome and scar (satisfied, not satisfied—would/would not like to undergo a minor procedure to improve the scar; Response—Satisfied)

August, 2020