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Table 1 Review of literature on duodenal obstruction or perforation after ingestion of denture

From: Duodenal obstruction due to accidental swallowing of a dental prosthesis: a case report and review of the literature

Case Country, year of study [reference] Age
Sex Risk factors Comorbid diseases Chief complaints Physical examination Abdominal radiology Endoscopy for extraction Location Complications Surgery
1 Japan, 2003 [9] 82 Male Not mentioned BPH No discharged ingested denture for 3 days Mild tenderness in epigastric area  Serial x-rays showed that the denture didn't move forwards. Performed without success Horizontal part of duodenum Perforation Duodenotomy
2 India, 2006 [10] 59 Male Not mentioned Not mentioned Pain in the right upper abdomen after accidental swallowing of a denture 2 weeks earlier Tender, firm, and fixed lump measuring 6 × 8 cm in right hypochondrium with smooth surface X-ray was not mentioned; CT scan revealed pathology in duodenum Ulceration in first part of duodenum Third part of duodenum Necrotic mass in mesentery of thickened third part of duodenum (penetration) Not done (surgical exploration was advised, but patient refused)
3 Japan, 2010 [11] 49 Male Mental retardation Not mentioned Abdominal pain Supraumbilical abdominal tenderness + high-grade fever X-ray showed radiopaque object; CT scan showed foreign body in duodenum + free air and fluid collection in retroperitoneal space around duodenum Not performed Posterior wall of duodenum Perforation Laparotomy, closure of perforation, cholecystectomy, T-tube drainage, and gastrostomy, followed by intraperitoneal irrigation and drain placement near perforation
4 Turkey, 2011 [12] 33 Male Schizophrenia, poor oral and dental hygiene Negative Acute abdominal pain, bilious vomit, and nausea Mild abdominal tenderness X-ray showed radiopaque object Performed without success Third part of duodenum Obstruction Gastrostomy
5 Pakistan, 2017 [13] 63 Male Senile
dementia, poorly fitting dentures, and poor oral and dental hygiene
COPD, musculoskeletal Acute abdominal pain Abdominal distension + generalized
X-ray showed air under the diaphragm
+ radiopaque object in upper right quadrant of abdomen
Not performed Second part of duodenum Obstruction, perforation, and frank peritonitis Duodenotomy + feeding
6 China, 2019 [14] 69 Male Alzheimer disease Not mentioned Dysphagia, epigastric pain, bilious vomiting, and severe nausea No pathological findings Irregular densification in right middle abdomen; CT scan showed prosthesis Performed with success Descending part of duodenum Impaction of denture in duodenum Not done (successfully brought out with endoscopy)
7 Iran, 2019 (our patient) 47 Female Old dental prosthesis and poor oral and dental hygiene Asthma, migraine headache Epigastric abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and anorexia Severe epigastric and mild right upper quadrant abdominal tenderness X-ray showed nothing; CT scan revealed pathology in duodenum Performed without success Second and third parts of duodenum Both obstruction and perforation Gastrostomy and duodenal kocherization
  1. Abbreviations: COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CT Computed tomography, BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia