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Table 3 Selective adrenal venous sampling

From: Seizure and coma secondary to Conn’s syndrome: a case report

Sample Aldosterone nmol/dl Cortisol
Adrenal:IVC cortisol ratio Cortisol corrected aldosterone ratio
Lt. AV 28,346 10,825 19.2 2.61
Rt. AV 3070 8658 15.3 0.3
IVC 644 564   
  1. • To confirm successful catheterization; the adrenal vein cortisol-to-inferior vena cava cortisol ratio’s cut off is greater than a ratio of 5:1. In this case, the ratio is 19 and 15 for left and right adrenal vein, respectively.
  2. • A cut-off for the cortisol corrected aldosterone ratio from high side to low side of more than 4:1 is indicative of the lateralization. In this case, the ratio is 8.7:1
  3. AV adrenal vein, IVC inferior vena cava, Lt. left, Rt. right