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Table 4 Summary of renal transplant patients with sporotrichosis (adapted from Gewehr et al. [7])

From: Sporotrichosis in renal transplant patients: two case reports and a review of the literature

Author, YearAge, years/ GenderType of renal transplantClinical manifestations (time after transplant)History of traumaTreatmentOutcome
Gullberg et al. [4], 198750/maleDeceased donorArthritis, meningitis (four years)UnknownAMB-dAlive
Agarwal et al. [5], 199423/maleLiving related donorPyelonephritis (nine months)NoNoneDeath
Rao et al. [8], 200249/femaleDeceased donorNasopharyngeal mass (six months)NoNoneDeath
Caroti et al. [6], 201059/maleUnknownErythematous papular lesion on the left leg (unknown)YesFLZAlive
P Gewehr et al. [7], 201348/femaleDeceased donorPlaques and ulcers on the hand and ear (nine months)YesAMB-L; ITZAlive
 53/maleDeceased and living unrelated donorsArthritis, draining and necrotic subcutaneous nodules in the limbs and trunk (one month)NoAMB-L; ITZ; FLZAlive
This study43/maleLiving related donorNon-healing ulcer - left arm (ten years)YesITZAlive
 54/maleDeceased donorPain and swelling – left wrist joint (fifteen years)UnknownITZAlive
 56/maleDeceased donorConstitutional symptoms, seizures, fluctuating mental state (seventeen years)UnknownAMB-d; ITZDeath
  1. AMB-d Amphotericin B deoxycholate, AMB-L Amphotericin lipid complex, FLZ Fluconazole, ITZ Itraconazole