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Table 1 Patient's workup throughout her hospitalization

From: An adolescent girl with signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and negative immunologic workup: a case report

Direct laryngoscopyNo paradoxical vocal cord movement or dysfunction
ComplementNormal C4, C1esterase inhibitor level and function
Skin prick testSensitization to hazelnut, pecan, and walnut, otherwise negative
Serum specific IgE< 0.35 kU/L (normal) for foods of concern except for several tree nuts per outside allergist’s report
Serum tryptase2.4, 1.2, 1.6, 1.7, and 3.8 ng/ml (normal < 11.5 mg/ml)
Bone marrow biopsyEquivocal
Urine N-methylhistamine203 and 394 mcg/g (normal range 70–333 mcg/g)
Urine prostaglandins (PG D2)70 ng/24 hours (normal range 100–280 ng/24 hours)
Urine 2,3-dinor 11B-prostaglandin F2a1333 pg/mg (normal level < 5205 pg/mg in adults, no pediatric reference range available)
Complete blood countWithin normal limits
Comprehensive metabolic panelWithin normal limits