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Table 3 Lymphocyte, memory B-cell populations, and serology

From: Enhanced serum immunoglobulin G clearance in myotonic dystrophy-associated hypogammaglobulinemia: a case series and review of the literature

 Patient II-1Patient III-1Reference range
Lymphocyte count (cells × 109/L)–2.7
CD3+ (%)867849–84
CD3+ (cells × 109/L)1.630.860.6–2.99
CD19+ (%)6107–27
CD19+ (cells × 109/L)–0.7
CD4+ (%)435528–63
CD4+ (cells × 109/L)0.820.60.44–2.16
CD8+ (%)402010–40
CD8+ (cells × 109/L)0.760.220.13–1.31
CD16+CD56+ (%)7114–25
CD16+CD56+ (cells × 109/L)–0.64
CD4+:CD8+ ratio1.082.750.6–5
 Patient II-1Patient III-1Reference rangea
Total CD19+ B cells (% of lymphocytes)4.97.85–26
Total CD19+ B cells (cells × 109/L)0.0930.08658–558
CD19+ 27+ memory B cells (% of B cells)41117–48
CD19+ 27+ memory B cells (cells × 109/L)0.0380.00970.013–0.148
CD19+ 27+IgMIgD switched memory B cells (% of B cells)355.83–23
CD19+ 27+IgMIgDswitched memory B cells (cells × 109/L)0.0320.00500.004–0.066
CD19+ 27IgM+IgD+naïve B cells (% of B cells)558729–93
 Patient II-1Patient III-1Reference range
Diphtheria IgG (IU/mL)0.26n.d.> 0.1
Haemophilus influenzae IgG0.47n.d.N/A
Pneumococcal IgG (mcg/mL)7.516.9> 39
Tetanus IgG (IU/mL)2.590.84> 0.16
  1. IgG immunoglobulin G. aBased on published data. Abnormal results are shown in bold