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Table 2 Demographic parameters and clinical presentations of patients who had pulmonary involvement associated with Kawasaki disease

From: Pleural effusion as an atypical presentation of Kawasaki disease: a case report and review of the literature

Authors, year, reference numberPatients (n)SexAge at onset of disease (months)Initial symptomsFever duration (days)Chest X-ray findings
Singh et al., 2018, [6]11F, 6 a;
M, 5 a
30 bFever, cough, tachypnea14.1 bConsolidation,11 a; pleural effusion,6 a;
empyema, 3 a; pneumothorax, 2 a
Alhammadi and Hendaus, 2013, [12]1F36Fever, cough, sore throat18Consolidation, pleural effusion
Lee et al., 2011, [11]54NANANANAReticulonodular,17 a; opacification, 34 a; consolidation, 12 a; pleural effusion, 5 a
diffuse interstitial, 5 a; atelectasis, 2 a;
Lee et al., 2010, [14]1M22Fever, cough, rhinorrhea6Infiltration, pleural effusion
Falcini et al., 2009, [15]1F30Fever, cough,12Pleural effusion
Elizabeth et al., 2007, [16]1F36Fever, gum bleeding21Pleural effusion
Yavuz et al., 2007, [17]1M11Fever, pharyngeal erythema, dyspnea> 5Pleural effusion
Sittiwangkul and Pongprot, 2004, [13]1F11Fever, jaundice, diarrhea, dyspnea15Pleural effusion
de Magalhães et al., 2012, [21]1F3Fever10Infiltration
Hamada et al., 2005, [18]1F60Fever, abdominal pain, knee joint pain15Pleural effusion
D'Souza et al., 2006, [20]1M5Fever, diarrhea, dyspnea7Pleural effusion
 Case 11M8Fever, sore throat8Consolidation
 Case 21F11Febrile seizure, sore throat, cough14Consolidation
 Case 31F23Fever, cough10Consolidation
Freeman et al., 2003, [23]
 Case 11M4Fever, cough, rash21NA
 Case 21M6Fever60Normal;
thorax CT, pulmonary nodule
 Case 31NA5Fever cough, rash4Infiltration, multiple pulmonary nodules
Kobayashi et al., 2006, [24]
 Case 11F24Fever, cracked lips, rash5Infiltration, pleural effusion
 Case 21F24Fever, cough, nasal discharge4Atelectasis
Vaidya et al., 2017, [8]1F3Fever, rash, dyspnea32Hydropneumothorax, consolidation, pneumatoceles
Akagi et al., 2017, [19]
 Case 11F4Fever, erythema of the lips, rashNANA;
thorax MRI, bilateral multiple
pulmonary nodules
 Case 21F5Fever, erythema of the lips, rash9Infiltration;
thorax CT, bilateral pulmonary nodules
  1. aNumber of the patients who had noted findings
  2. bValues are expressed as mean for 11 patients
  3. CT computed tomography, F female, M male, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, NA not available