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Table 1 Clinical symptoms and laboratory parameters of patients who had pulmonary involvement associated with Kawasaki disease

From: Pleural effusion as an atypical presentation of Kawasaki disease: a case report and review of the literature

Authors, year, reference numberRashOral changesExtremity changesRed eyesAdenitisOther clinical symptomsHb (g/dL)WBC (/mm3)Plt (/mm3)CRP (mg/dL)ESR (mm/hour)
Singh et al., 2018, [6]5a1 a8a1 a0 aPerianal desquamation, 3 a;
irritability, 1 a
NA25,009b886,545b14.05c53.75 d
Alhammadi and Hendaus, 2013, [12]NANANANANANANA24,000600,0001065
Lee et al., 2010, [14]YesYesYesYesYesPerianal desquamationNA5500178,0002.821
Falcini et al., 2009, [15]NoNoNoYesNoIrritability9.521,800710,00027.899
Elizabeth et al., 2007, [16]NoYesYesNoYesIrritability10.212,800550,0007.786
Yavuz et al., 2007, [17]YesYesYesYesNoNon-pigmented keratic precipitates in both of the patient’s eyes, sterile pyuria10.432,800734,00021.890
Sittiwangkul and Pongprot, 2004, [13]YesNoYesYesNoIrritabilityNA21,200231,0004.7766
de Magalhães et al., 2012, [21]YesYesYesYesNoInduration at the BCG site, perianal desquamation6.525,000905,00034120
Hamada et al., 2005, [18]YesYesYesNoYesHepatomegalyNA17,800NA13.9NA
D'Souza et al., 2006, [20]NoNoYesNoYesSterile pyuria9.856,800690,000NA138
de Maddi et al., 2009, [22]
 Case 1NoYesNoYesYesNo8.711,200561,00010.470
 Case 2NoNoNoNoNoNo926,960142,00040.8107
 Case 3YesYesNoYesNoIrritability, sterile pyuria1118,5001,087,0002.9550
Freeman et al., 2003, [23]
 Case 1YesYesNoYesNoIrritabilityNANA1,120,000NANA
 Case 2NoYesNoYesYesTorticollisNANA1,102,000NA114
 Case 3YesNoNoNoYesAnorexiaNANA450,00010.5NA
Kobayashi et al., 2006, [24]
 Case 1YesYesNoYesYes 9.613,000321,00012.6102
 Case 2YesYesYesYesNoInduration at the BCG site11.618,800314,0007.6NA
Vaidya et al., 2017, [8]YesYesYesNoNo 8.915,600567,0005.640
Akagi et al., 2017, [19]
 Case 1YesYesYesNoNo NANANA4.26NA
 Case 2YesYesNoNoNo NANANA4.32NA
  1. aNumber of the patients who had the symptom
  2. b,c,dValues are expressed as mean for 11, 8, and 10 patients, respectively
  3. BCG Bacille Calmette–Guérin, CRP C-reactive protein, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, Hb hemoglobin, NA not available, Plt platelet, WBC white blood cell