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Table 1 Timeline of presentation

From: Epilepsy in spinocerebellar ataxia type 8: a case report

AgeAssociated symptoms and presentation
10 yearsDiagnosis of SCA8 with genetic testing following presentation with new-onset ataxia and gait difficulties
12 yearsSpells of awareness and automatisms with confusion are first seen, not identified as epileptic at this time and not started on antiepileptic therapy
22 years – time of admissionAdmitted with encephalopathy and left hemiparesis of unclear cause; routine EEG showing right occipital epileptiform discharges; started on low-dose levetiracetam
22 years – 2 days after admissionObserved to have confusional spells with automatisms; video EEG shows nonconvulsive status epilepticus of posterior quadrant onset; treated with higher doses of levetiracetam and lacosamide and status epilepticus resolves in 12 hours
22 years – 7 days after admissionDischarged to rehabilitation for 1 month with inpatient physical therapy for persistent left hemiparesis; return to mental baseline
22 years – 6 months after admissionSeen in clinic in follow-up; left hemiparesis has resolved and at mental baseline; seizure-free since discharge; remains on levetiracetam and lacosamide for seizure prophylaxis
  1. Abbreviations: EEG Electroencephalography, SCA8 Spinocerebellar ataxia 8