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Table 1 Summary of the cases treated with the affected donor’s oocytes

From: Lowe syndrome identified in the offspring of an oocyte donor who was an unknown carrier of a de novo mutation: a case report and review of the literature

Cases MII oocytes Blasts available Fresh ET Result FRET ET Live birth Gender Affected Outcome
Couple 1 10 7 2D5 Pregnant 2 Male-male Unaffected Healthy-healthy
Couple 2 9 7 2D5 Terminated 2D5 1 Male Unaffected Healthy
Couple 3 6 4 2D5 Pregnant 2 Male-female Unaffected Healthy-healthy
Couple 4 4 4 2D5 2 Male-male Unknown-affected 1 boy died, 1 alive
Couple 5 12 9 2D5 Pregnant 2 Male-female female unaffected, male affected Boy operated cataracts
  1. 2D5 2 embryos day 5, ET embryo transfer, FRET frozen embryo transfer, MII metaphase II