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Table 1 Literature for patients treated with chemotherapy against skin metastasis arising from squamous cervical carcinoma without other metastasis

From: Successful management of cutaneous lymphangitis carcinomatosa arising from cervical cancer with paclitaxel-cisplatin and bevacizumab combination therapy: a case report and review of the literature

Author/YearStage/Histology/GradeSite of skin metastasisChemotherapy regimeCyclesBest response
This report/2019IB1/SCC/DifferentiatedThigh and vulvaPTX-CDDP-BV6CR
Özcan et al. [19]/2017IB2/SCC/N/AVulva1st line; PTX-CBDCA2PD
2nd line; GEM-BVN/APD
IB1/SCC/N/AUmbilicus (incisional scar), abdominal wall1st line; PTX-CBDCA1N/A
2nd line; GEM-BV + RT1N/A
Benoulaid et al. [20]/2016IIIB/SCC/Moderately differentiatedAbdominal wallCBDCA4PD
Basu and Mukherjee [21]/2013IIA/SCC/Moderately differentiatedThigh, inguinal regionCDDP-PTX + palliative RT6PR
Behtash et al. [16]/2008IIB/SCC/N/AUmbilicusPTX-CBDCA6PR
Behtash et al. [22]/2002IIA/SCC/N/AAbdominal wall (drain site)Cisplatin-5FU + palliative RT6PR
Palaia et al. [23]/2002IIB/SCC/Poorly differentiatedAbdominal wallPalliative chemotherapy (PTX)10CR
Kagen et al. [24]/2001IB/SCC/Poorly differentiatedThighIfosfamideN/APD
Freeman et al. [25]/1982IVB/SCC/N/AAbdominal wallRT + Bleomycin-MTX -cyclophosphamideN/ACR
  1. 5FU 5 fluorouracil, BV bevacizumab, CBDCA carboplatin, CDDP cisplatin, CR complete response, GEM gemcitabine, MTX methotrexate, N/A not assessed, PD progressive disease, PR partial response, PTX paclitaxel, RT radiotherapy, SCC squamous cell carcinoma