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Table 7 A few very unusual cases of median raphe cyst reported in the literature

From: Median raphe cyst of the penis: a case report and review of the literature

Authors Title Reference. no.
Bhasin et al. Giant median raphe prepuceal cyst in an elderly male. [32]
Takahashi et al. Congenital median raphe cysts: coexistence of cystic lesions and canal-like lesions. [37]
Sharkey et al. Postcoital appearance of a median raphe cyst. [38]
Yu et al. A case of epidermoid median raphe cyst traversing the corpora cavernosa. [67]
Hara et al. Median raphe cyst in the scrotum, mimicking a serous borderline tumor, associated with cryptorchidism after orchiopexy. [68]