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Table 2 Results of coronary reactivity testing

From: Progression of coronary microvascular dysfunction to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: a case report

Coronary microvascular dysfunction pathways Microvascular dysfunction Macrovascular dysfunction
Non-endothelial dependent aCoronary flow reserve in response to adenosine
(normal ≥ 2.5)
bChange in coronary diameter in response to nitroglycerin
(normal ≥ 20%)
Endothelial dependent cChange in coronary blood flow in response to acetylcholine
(normal ≥ 50%)
dChange in coronary diameter in response to acetylcholine
− 6%
(normal ≥ 5%)
  1. a Non-endothelial-dependent microvascular dysfunction with coronary flow reserve 2.8 (adenosine). b Non-endothelial-dependent macrovascular dysfunction with 0% (nitroglycerin) coronary diameter change. c Endothelial-dependent microvascular dysfunction with coronary blood flow change 48%. d Endothelial-dependent macrovascular dysfunction with coronary diameter change − 6% in response to acetylcholine