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Table 2 Reported instances of angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia in the hand

From: Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia in a hand treated with a reverse digital island flap and artificial skin: a case report

Study Age Sex Lesion site Number of lesions Size Symptoms Treatment Outcome Systemic eosinophilia Progression period
James M. Swinehart et al., 1979 [20] 24 M Lt.palm, subcutaneous single NA NA resection local reccurence + 8 months
Arnold M et al., 1999 [21] 20 F left arm and hand subcutaneous multiple 5-10 mm bleeding, pain resection no local reccurence, but another site + 24 months
B. D. Krapohl et al., 2003 [22] 33 F Rt.palm and ring finger subcutaneous multiple NA discoloration resection no recurrence in 3 months NA 18 months
C Conill et al., 2004 [23] 32 F Rt.index and middle fingers subcutaneous and bone multiple NA deformation of the nail, pain radiation therapy no recurrence in 9 years NA
A. Satpathy, 2005 [24] 11 F Rt.dorsum of hand subcutaneous single 20 mm itching spontaneous resolution no recurrence in 12 months a month
H Ozcanli et al., 2007 [25] 42 F Rt.palm, middle and ring fingers subcutaneous multiple 30-80 mm itching, pain, disturbance of sensation resection, laser treatment no recurrence in 2 years + 12 months
Nick Pappas et al., 2010 [26] 18 F Rt.palm subcutaneous single 15-10 mm no pain resection no recurrence in 1 year a month
Mohammad M. Al-qattan et al., 2017 [27] 32 F Lt.palm subcutaneous single NA NA resection no recurrence in 1 year + 6 months
  1. F female, Lt. left, M male, NA not available, Rt. right