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Table 1 Results of in-patient thrombophilia workup

From: Ménétrier’s disease presenting as recurrent unprovoked venous thrombosis: a case report

Test Result Normal range Comment
DRVVT* 41.6 seconds 28.9–36.8 seconds Suggests presence of “lupus-like” coagulation inhibitor
STACLOT-LA** delta 14.7 seconds 0.0–10.0 seconds Suggests presence of “lupus-like” coagulation inhibitor
Anti-cardiolipin panel Negative Negative  
Factor V Leiden assay Negative Negative  
Protein C activity 46% 70–130% Decreased
Protein S, functional 46% 77–143% Decreased
Antithrombin III 64% 80–120% Decreased
Beta-2 glycoprotein IgG < 9 units 0–20 units  
Factor V assay 97% 65–150%  
Factor VII assay 113% 60–150%  
Factor VIII assay 448% 50–180% Increased
  1. *Dilute Russell viper venom time
  2. **Hexagonal (II) phase phospholipid clotting assay