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Table 1 Summary of cases of hepatoma presenting with spinal cord compression

From: Hepatocellular carcinoma presenting as spinal cord compression in Native Americans with controlled hepatitis C: two case reports

Case # Year of publication Authors Age (years) Sex Race Underlying liver disease Activity of disease Presenting symptom
1 1989 Omura et al. [24] 57 M Paper from Japan Not reported Not reported Paraplegia
2–17 1992 Lee [12] 26–59 M/F n/a (paper from Taiwan) 75% (12/16) hepatitis B positive Not reported - Pain/weakness in the distribution of thoracic/lumbar spine – 8 cases
- Arm weakness – 2 cases
- Scalp mass – 3 cases
- Right hemicranias – 1 case
- Diplopia – 1 case
- Dysarthria – 1 case
18 1993 Kantharia et al. [25] 45 M n/a (paper from, Syracuse, NY state) Hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and alcoholic liver disease with cirrhosis Not reported Low back pain
19 1997 Yang et al. [26] 37 M n/a (paper from Hong Kong) Hepatitis B Not reported Low back pain
20 1997 Yang et al. [26] 47 F n/a (paper from Hong Kong) Not reported Not reported Low back pain
21 1998 Razana et al. [27] 77 M Malay (Asian) Alcoholic with liver cirrhosis ALT and AST were elevated Right lower limb weakness and paresthesia
22 1998 Razana et al. [27] 68 M Malay (Asian) Not reported Not reported Sudden onset of lower extremities paraparesis
23 2003 Po et al. [28] 60 M n/a (paper from Taiwan) Hepatitis B and C Remission Low back pain
24 2005 Garcia and Castillo [29] 49 M Not reported Alcohol abuse,
hepatitis B and C negative
Not reported Low back pain
25 2006 Doval et al. [30] 55 M Not reported (paper from China) Hepatitis B Remission Low back pain
26 2006 Doval et al. [30] 70 M Not reported (paper from China) Alcoholic, hepatitis B and C negative Not reported Chest pain
27 2006 Doval et al. [30] 62 M Not reported (paper from China) Nonalcoholic, hepatitis B and C negative Not reported Pain in the neck and low back
28 2011 Vargas et al. [31] 50 M Not reported (paper from USA) Alcohol abuse, hepatitis B AST 146 U/L, ALT 84 U/l Low back pain
29 2014 Nangolo et al. [5] 46 M Namibian (Africa) Alcoholic hepatitis and hepatitis B AST 180 IU/l and ALT 70 IU/l b/l leg weakness
30 2014 Vallianou et al. [32] 79 M n/a (paper from Greece) Hepatitis B (not on medications) Not mentioned Upper extremity muscle pain and paresthesia
31 2015 Hwang et al. [4] 61 M n/a (paper from South Korea) Hepatitis B AST 418 U/l ALT 594 U/l
HBV DNA 1890769 copies/mL
Upper extremity weakness and tingling
32 2016 Sangli et al. [14] 49 M Emigrant from Ghana Hepatitis B not on medications ALT and AST WNL Left lower extremity weakness and numbness
33 2017 Ayyadurai et al. [13] 58 M n/a (paper from Bronx, USA) Hepatitis C and alcohol abuse LFTs WNL Neck pain
34 2017 Our patient 64 M Native American Hepatitis C (treated, no viral load detected) ALT 505, AST 210, bilirubin 1.5 Lower back pain and numbness
35 2017 Our patient 70 M Native American Hepatitis C Ab positive. RNA not detected ALT 90, AST 104 Upper back pain and numbness of right foot
  1. Ab antibody, ALT alanine aminotransferase, AST aspartate aminotransferase, b/l bilateral, F female, HBV hepatitis B virus, LFTs liver function tests, M male, n/a not available, WNL within normal limits