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Table 1 Cases of superficial esophageal endocrine cell carcinoma treated by endoscopic resection

From: Composite neuroendocrine carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma with regional lymph node metastasis: a case report

Case Author and reference number Year Age Sex Resection method Size, mm Morphology Depth Lymphovascular invasion Treatment after ER Recurrence after ER, duration after ER (months) Prognosis, period (months)
1 Takeshita et al. [15] 2000 73 F EMR 5 0–IIa Muscularis mucosa (M3) None Carboplatin + etoposide None Alive, no recurrence, 28
2 Ozawa and Wachi [16] 2009 78 M ESD 7 0–IIa Shallow submucosa (SM1) None CPT-11 + CDDP Abdominal lymph node metastasis, 9 Alive, 9
3 Kobayashi et al. [17] 2011 61 M ESD 22 0–IIc Shallow submucosa (SM1) Yes 5-FU + CDDP, additional surgery, FP + docetaxel, and radiation therapy Lymph node metastasis around thoracic aorta, 14 Dead, 25
4 Watanabe et al. [4] 2014 55 M ESD 30 0–IIa + IIc Deep submucosa Yes CPT-11 + CDDP None Alive, 55
5 Present case 2017 77 M ESD 20 0–IIa Muscularis mucosa (M3) Yes Carboplatin + etoposide Regional lymph node metastasis, 1 Alive, 12
  1. 5-FU 5-fluorouracil, CDDP cisplatin, CPT-11 irinotecan, EMR endoscopic mucosal resection, ER endoscopic resection, ESD endoscopic submucosal dissection, F female, FP 5-Fluorouracil plus cisplatin, M male, M3 muscularis mucosae, SM1 submucosa