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Table 1 Summary of reviewed data on primary amyloidosis with cutaneous manifestation

From: Exceptional mucocutaneous manifestations with amyloid nephropathy: a case report

Case Number Age/sex Sicca syndrome as first manifestation/presence prior to diagnosis, months Cutaneous involvement at time of diagnosis Organ involvement Underlying disease Prognosis in the article/cause of death Reported year (Reference)
1 52/F Yes/4 months Sicca syndrome and nail dystrophy Kidney No Survived Present case
2 71/M Yes/12 months Sicca syndrome Kidney, heart, liver No Died (cholestatic hepatopathy) 1971 [5]
3 68/M Yes/9 months Sicca syndrome Liver, kidney, heart, pancreas, GI tract, thyroid, prostate, adrenal, testes No Died (myocardial infarction) 1972 [6]
4 58/F Yes/48 months Sicca syndrome and bullous erythema multiform Liver, heart, peripheral neuropathy No Died (unknown) 1983 [7]
5 63/M Yes/(unknown) Sicca syndrome Kidney, heart No Died (heart failure) 1984 [8]
6 71/M Yes/6 months Sicca syndrome Kidney No Survived 1988 [9]
7 66/F Yes/24 months Sicca syndrome and purpura, epidermal desquamation Kidney, heart, lung, GI tract, liver, pancreas, adrenals, thyroid No Died (aspiration) 1991 [10]
8 74/F Yes/(unknown) Sicca syndrome No No Survived 1992 [11]
9 49/M Yes/(unknown) Sicca syndrome, multiple ecchymoses Kidney Multiple myeloma Died (GI bleeding, heart failure) 1993 [12]
10 52/F Yes/ 24 months Sicca syndrome No No Survived 1994 [13]
11 79/M Yes/48–60 months Sicca syndrome, pinch purpura, easy bruising, nail dystrophy Kidney No Survived 1996 [4]
12 76/M Yes/6 months Sicca syndrome Kidney, heart, lung, peripheral neuropathy No Survived 1996 [14]
13 62/F Yes/6 months Sicca syndrome Kidney No Survived 1998 [15]
14 66/M Yes/60 months Sicca syndrome, nail dystrophy, parchment-like hand changes, alopecia Small fiber neuropathy No Survived 2014 [3]
  1. F female, GI gastrointestinal, M male