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Table 1 Cases of imatinib-related fulminant liver failure in the literature

From: Imatinib-induced fulminant liver failure in chronic myeloid leukemia: role of liver transplant and second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors: a case report

Author [reference] Year Patient age and sex Diagnosis Time between imatinib start and hepatotoxicity Treatment Outcome
Talpaz et al. [3] 2002 Not reported CML 6 days Drug interruption Death
Lin et al. [4] 2003 61 years, female PV 7 weeks Drug interruption Death
Cross et al. [5] 2006 46 years, female CML 77 weeks LT Death
Ridruejo et al. [6] 2007 51 years, female CML 20 weeks Drug interruption Death
Thia et al. [7] 2008 45 years, female CML + chronic hepatitis B 20 weeks Drug interruption Death
Perini et al. [8] 2009 47 years, female CML 72 weeks LT Survived
Martínez Pascual et al. [9] 2010 34 years, female CML 32 weeks LT Survived
Harding et al. [2] 2016 30 years, female CML 20 weeks LT Survived
Present case 2017 36 years, female CML 30 weeks LT Survived
  1. Abbreviations: CML chronic myeloid leukemia, PV Polycythemia vera, LT Liver transplant