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Fig. 1

From: Combined miglustat and enzyme replacement therapy in two patients with type 1 Gaucher disease: two case reports

Fig. 1

Core disease parameters relative to treatments in patients 1 and 2. Colored bars represent treatment timings in relation to x-axis time after treatment start. Grey shaded areas represent normal ranges for each parameter: Hb, 110–150 g/L; platelets 130–400 × 109/L; chitotriosidase 4–120 nmol/hr/mL; spleen volume, (0.2% of body weight: patient 1 90–120 mL, patient 2 100–150 mL); liver volume (2.5% of body weight: patient 1 1200–1300 mL; patient 2 1450–1550 mL). IMI imiglucerase, VEL velaglucerase, MIG miglustat

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