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Fig. 1

From: Deep infiltrating ureteral endometriosis with catamenial hydroureteronephrosis: a case report

Fig. 1

Computed tomography showed right hydronephrosis due to distal ureteral narrowing 4 years prior (a). After balloon dilation, the patient’s right hydronephrosis was relieved (b). Transabdominal ultrasonography (c) and computed tomography (d) demonstrated right hydronephrosis due to narrowing of the distal ureter at the start of menstruation. After menstruation, hydronephrosis was relieved (e). Transvaginal ultrasonography revealed uterine deviation to the right and a nodular lesion at the right uterosacral ligament (f). Magnetic resonance imaging revealed suspected deep infiltrating endometriosis near the right uterus and ovary, with adhesions around the distal ureter (g and h)

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