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Table 1 Timeline

From: Pneumomediastinum following a prolonged second stage of labor – an emphasis on early diagnosis and conservative management: a case report

Dates Relevant past medical history and interventions
5 Sep 2016 27-year-old, G1P0, currently 36+6 weeks pregnant, antenatal course uncomplicated. Jehovah’s witness, valid Advanced Health Directive. History of palpitations, investigated with thyroid function tests and Holter monitor, results normal. Patient awaiting echocardiogram
Dates Summaries from initial and follow-up visits Diagnostic testing (including dates) Interventions
6 Sep 2016 Central chest pain and shortness of breath. Tachycardic and subcutaneous emphysema noted in neck and clavicles. Diagnosis made of esophageal rupture Chest X-ray (6 Sep 2016) and CTPA (6 Sep 2016) revealed pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema Treated conservatively. Moved to the high dependency unit, given supplemental oxygen, intravenously administered fluids, intravenously administered antibiotics
7 Sep 2016–8 Sep 2016 Follow-up: • patient’s symptoms resolved • patient compliant with treatment, nil adverse events Serial chest X-rays daily 6 Sep 2016–8 Sep 2016 Intravenously administered antibiotics regime changed to cover pneumonitis. Gradual return to oral intake
  1. CTPA computed tomography pulmonary angiogram, K