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Table 3 Univariate analysis showing clinical and dermoscopic characteristics significantly related to different variants of dermatofibroma

From: Beyond classic dermoscopic patterns of dermatofibromas: a prospective research study

Variants of DF Clinical characteristics p Value Dermoscopic patterns p Value
CFDF None   Peripheral pigment network and central white patch <0.001
Homogeneous pigmentation and peripheral pigment network 0.005
Lentigo-like pattern 0.03
Total homogeneous pigmentation 0.02
Atrophic DF Localization on the lower limbs 0.002 Patchy pigment network and multiple white patches pattern 0.01
Aneurysmal DF Male sex 0.03 Vascular structures (linear irregular vessels) 0.04
Big size of lesions 0.04 White ring around an ulceration <0.001
Hemosiderotic DF Pink coloration 0.004 Vascular structures (dots and comma-like vessels) 0.002
  1. CFDF Common fibrous dermatofibroma, DF Dermatofibroma