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Table 5 Prolonged arenocorticotropic hormone stimulation test in July 2016 (days 9 to 12 after admission)

From: Acute hypopituitarism associated with periorbital swelling and cardiac dysfunction in a patient with pituitary tumor apoplexy: a case report

  Reference range Before After 3 days
Urinary free cortisol excretion (μg/day) 26.0–187.0 7.7 529.5
Basal serum cortisol (μg/dL) 4.5–21.1 0.8 28.6
Basal plasma ACTH (pg/mL) 7.2–63.3 19.7 <1.0
  1. Blood and urine samples were taken with the patient at the supine position each morning (9 AM) on the 2 days before and after 3 days of intramuscular administration of synthetic ACTH 1–24 (cosyntropin zinc hydroxide 1.0 mg/day)
  2. ACTH arenocorticotropic hormone