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Table 1 Patient and tumor characteristics and follow-up of previously reported schwannoma of femur, compared with the current case

From: Large schwannoma of the femur – a common tumor at an unusual site: a case report and review of the literature

Author Year Age/Sex Presenting clinical feature Site Size Radiology of tumor Recorded follow-up
Sanado et al. [7] 1991 17 years M Pain Distal femur >6 cm Central, osteolytic NED 1 year
Verma et al. [6] 2002 38 years M Pain Mid femur 2.2 cm Eccentric, cortical scalloping NED 2 years
Hoshi et al. [4] 2012 44 years F Pain Neck femur 9.1 cm Eccentric, osteolytic NED 2 months
Wang et al. [5] 2014 42 years M Incidental radiographic lesion Distal femur 7.2 cm Eccentric, osteolytic NED 5 months
Current case 2016 56 years F Incidental radiographic lesion, following fall Distal femur 15 cm Eccentric, osteolytic NED 2 years
  1. F female, M male, NED no evidence of disease