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Table 1 Summary of four cases of extramedullary foramen magnum cavernous malformation

From: The efficacy of resection of an intradural extramedullary foramen magnum cavernous malformation presenting with repeated subarachnoid hemorrhage: a case report

No Author, year Age, sex Initial symptoms SAH Surgery extent Origin Outcome
1 Mocco et al., 2005 [9] 21, M Occipital H/A, photophobia, Yes Total ND Excellent
2 Palani, 2012 [10] 11, M Occipital H/A, subtle bilateral corticospinal tract sign Yes Total ND Excellent
3 Eicker et al., 2015 [11] ND ND ND Total ND Excellent
4 Presented case 70, M Sudden occipital H/A, bilateral abducens nerve palsy, slight right motor deficit Yes Total VA? Excellent
  1. F female, H/A headache, M male, ND not described, SAH subarachnoid hemorrhage, VA vertebral artery