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Table 1 Patient characteristics and treatment outcome

From: Retrospective study of rare cutaneous malignant adnexal tumors of the head and neck in a tertiary care cancer hospital: a case series

(In Years)
Sex Subsite Surgery Ethnicity Local recurrence Regional recurrence Histopathology RT dose Distant metastasis
34 M Scalp Yes Sindhi No No Sebaceous carcinoma well differentiated 45 Gy/10 #  
59 F Scalp Yes Punjabi No No Microcystic adnexal carcinoma 45 Gy/10 #  
32 F Scalp Yes Pakhtun No No Pilomatrix carcinoma 45 Gy/10 #  
43 F Scalp Yes Punjabi Yes Yes Sebaceous carcinoma   
64 M Scalp Yes Punjabi    Hidradenocarcinoma 45 Gy/10 # Yes
51 M Scalp Yes Pakhtun No No Trichilemmal carcinoma   
51 F Eyelid Yes Punjabi No Yes Sebaceous carcinoma poorly differentiated 45 Gy/10 #  
74 F Eyelid Yes Punjabi No No Sebaceous carcinoma poorly differentiated   
75 M Scalp Yes Punjabi    Adnexal carcinoma 60 Gy/30 # Yes
61 M Scalp Yes Pakhtun Yes No Adnexal carcinoma 50 Gy/20 #  
53 M Scalp Yes Pakhtun No No Microcytic adnexal carcinoma 45 Gy/10 #  
  1. # fractions, F female, M male, RT radiotherapy