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Table 2 Symptoms and differential diagnosis [1, 10, 15, 1822]

From: Pyomyositis is not only a tropical pathology: a case series

Specific site of tenderness and swelling Osteomyelitis, septic arthritis [1]
Fever and abdominal pain Acute abdomen or basal lobe pneumonia [15, 18]
Muscular hematoma, rupture, or strain Trauma [1]
Localized muscular mass, painless slow-growing masses, painful mass increasing in size Sarcoma [19, 20]
Pain in right lower quadrant, back, flank, or hip; fever Acute appendicitis or acute disease of hip or femoral nerve [21]
Myalgia, weakness, tea-colored urine Rhabdomyolysis [14, 22, 23]