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Table 1 Literature review of all adrenal aneurysms

From: Massive adrenal vein aneurysm mimicking an adrenal tumor in a patient with hemophilia A: a case report and review of the literature

First author, year [reference] Patient age, years Sex Side Comorbidities Complications Mortality
Wiseman, 2013 [5] 80 M R None None No
Bolla, 2012 [6] 28 F R Pregnancy, labor None No
Glocker, 2011 [7] 33 F L Neurofibromatosis, pheochromocytoma None No
Manners, 2010 [8] 70 M L Hypertension None No
González Valverde, 2007 [4] 42 M L Hypertension None No
Christie, 2004 [13] 32 F L Pregnancy, labor None No
Nakano, 2003 [9] 68 M L Hypertension, renal insufficiency Renal failure requiring dialysis No
Park, 2003 [14] 32 M R Bilateral pheochromocytoma None No
Bromley, 2001 [10] 27 F R Unknown none No
Thanos, 2000 [11] 75 M L None None No
Birchall, 1995 [12] 62 M R None none No
  1. Eleven reports that described adrenal aneurysms, all of which were arterial, were found in the literature; no venous aneurysms were noted
  2. M Male, F Female, L Left, R Right