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Table 2 Published reports of Pseudomonas mendocina infection

From: Pseudomonas mendocina native valve infective endocarditis: a case report

Reference Age (in years)/Gender Country Past medical history Presenting complaint Specimen site Final diagnosis Treatment Valvular surgery Outcome
Aragone et al., 1992 [3] 63/M Argentina Poliomyelitis, diabetes mellitus, aortic valve replacement, pacemaker Fever and chills Blood Native mitral valve endocarditis IV ceftriaxone + IV gentamicin (6 weeks), then po ciprofloxacin (2 weeks) Not performed Survived
Johansen et al., 2001 [5] 28/F Denmark Situs inversus, tetralogy of Fallot, ventricular septal defect closure, resection of pulmonary valve cusps Abdominal pain, dyspnea, flu-like symptoms Blood Native tricuspid valve endocarditis IV gentamicin + IV penicillin, then IV gentamicin + IV ampicillin, followed by po ofloxacin (7 weeks) Tricuspid valve repair Survived
Chi et al., 2005 [6] 65/M Taiwan Alcoholism, renal disease Lower back pain Deep spinal tissue L4–L5 Spondylodiscitis IV cefepime × 2 weeks, followed by po ciprofloxacin × 4 weeks NA Survived
Mert et al., 2007 [7] 36/M Turkey Mental retardation Weight loss and fever Blood Native mitral valve endocarditis IV ceftazidime + IV amikacin × 6 weeks Mitral valve replacement Survived
Suel et al., 2011 [8] 79/F France Atrial fibrillation, transient ischemic attack, hypertension Fever Blood Native aortic valve endocarditis IV piperacillin + IV gentamicin × 6 weeks Not performed Survived
Nseir et al., 2011 [9] 31/M Israel Nil Fever and chills Blood Bacteremia (no vegetation on transthoracic echocardiogram) IV gentamicin × 4 days + po ofloxacin × 2 weeks NA Survived
Howe et al., 2013 [10] 86/F Singapore Osteoporosis Atraumatic left thigh pain Periosteal Biopsy Femur osteomyelitis Not mentioned NA Survived
Chiu and Wang, 2013 [11] 34/M Singapore Nil Motorcycle accident Foot tissue Foot wound infection (polymicrobial pathogens) IV cefazolin + IV gentamicin, then po ciprofloxacin × 2 weeks, followed by po trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole × 16 days NA Survived
Current Report 57/M USA Gout, alcoholism Leg ulcers Blood Native mitral valve endocarditis IV piperacillin-tazobactam × 6 weeks Not performed Survived
  1. F female, IV intravenous, M male, NA not applicable, po per oral