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Table 1 Biatrial mass with mitral stenosis

From: Biatrial thrombi resembling myxoma regressed after prolonged anticoagulation in a patient with mitral stenosis: a case report

Author Year Age/Sex Presentation Atrial fibrillation Diagnosis Treatment
Ibrahim et al. [11] 2008 51/male Right hemiparesis Myxoma Alteplase administered intravenously + tumor excision
Tasdemir et al. [10] 2008 58/female Left foot pain + Thrombi Thrombectomy + MV surgery
Tsubokawa et al. [9] 2010 77/male Dyspnea + Thrombi Thrombectomy + MV surgery
Khanna et al. [8] 2015 40/female Dyspnea + Thrombi Thrombectomy + MV surgery
  1. MV mitral valve, (+) presence, (–) absence