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Table 1 Literature review of the ruptured dermoid cyst with conservative management

From: Ruptured dermoid cyst of the lateral cavernous sinus wall with temporary symptoms: a case report

Case Age (years) Sex Location Initial symptoms Follow-up
Wilms et al. [13] 16 F Parasellar Seizure, paresis, aphasia 6 years
Corr et al. [7] NA F Pineal Headache, meningitis NA
Messori et al. [10] NA M Parasellar Asymptomatic 2 months
Messori et al. [10] 22 F Parasellar Asymptomatic 3 years
Rajapakse et al. [11] 76 F NA Headache NA
Kucera et al. [9] 19 M Suprasellar Seizure, meningitis 10 months
Indullar et al. [8] 17 F Suprasellar Headache, meningitis 2 years
Wang et al. [12] 71 M NA Headache, meningitis 1 week
Our case 66 M Parasellar Headache 10 months
  1. NA not applicable, M male, F female