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Table 2 2004 Cairo and Bishop criteria for Tumor Lysis Syndrome

From: Tumor lysis syndrome following trastuzumab and pertuzumab for metastatic breast cancer: a case report

Variable Grade 0 Grade I Grade II Grade III Grade IV Grade V
Creatinine None 1.5 X ULN ˃1.5–3.0 X ULN ˃3.0–6.0 X ULN ˃6.0 X ULN Death
Cardiac arrhythmia None Intervention not indicated Nonurgent medical intervention indicated Symptomatic and incompletely controlled medically or controlled with device (e.g., defibrillator) Life-threatening (e.g., arrhythmia associated with CHF, hypotension, syncope, shock) Death
Seizures None   One brief, generalized seizure; seizure(s) well controlled by anticonvulsants, or infrequent focal motor seizures not interfering with ADL Seizures in which consciousness is altered; poorly controlled seizure disorder; with breakthrough generalized seizures despite medical intervention Seizures of any kind which are prolonged, repetitive, or difficult to control (e.g., status epilepticus, intractable epilepsy) Death
  1. ADL activities of daily living, CHF congestive heart failure, ULN upper level of normal