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Table 2 Clinical features

From: Cytomegalovirus esophagitis developing during chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer: two case reports

Case At diagnosis Antiviral therapy Response to treatment
Intranuclear inclusions CMV antigenemia Endoscopic findings WBCa (/μL) Lymphocytesa (/μL) CRPb (mg/dL) Symptoms Intranuclear inclusions CMV antigenemia
1        GCV, VGCV    
2 + + Ulcer, white base 2200 391 1.99 GCV, VGCV Improved Undetected -
  1. Clinical features at diagnosis of CMV esophagitis and after treatment with antiviral drugs. Low lymphocyte counts at diagnosis of CMV esophagitis are shown. The intranuclear inclusions disappeared, and the test for CMV antigenemia also became negative after the treatment
  2. Abbreviations: CMV cytomegalovirus, WBC white blood cell, CRP C-reactive protein, GCV ganciclovir, VGCV valganciclovir
  3. aThe nadir WBC and lymphocyte counts before the diagnosis of CMV infection
  4. bSerum CRP was measured at diagnosis of CMV esophagitis