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Fig. 1

From: Nail gun injuries to the head with minimal neurological consequences: a case series

Fig. 1

a Computed tomography scout. b Computed tomography three-dimensional reconstruction. There are ten nails projected over the temporo-parieto-occipital area bilaterally, five on each side, these caused significant artifacts on computed tomography and computed tomography angiogram (not shown here), but no major vessel injury was identified and there was evidence of parietal subarachnoid bleed. c, d Postoperative axial computed tomography. Multiple foci of intraparenchymal hemorrhage and associated subarachnoid hemorrhage seen in the left parietal and right frontal-temporal-parietal regions. Multiple tiny calcified bodies were now noted over the left parietal region; they probably represented small bone fragments introduced at the time of penetrating injury. These were obscured on the prior study due to metallic artifact

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