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Table 1 Details of the three published cases of simultaneous multiple cavernoma hemorrhages (and the present case)

From: Simultaneous and sequential hemorrhage of multiple cerebral cavernous malformations: a case report

Authors, year and reference number Age (years), sex Total number of cavernomas Location of hemorrhagic cavernomas Symptoms at time of presentation Form of cavernoma Surgical treatment Follow-up
Panciani et al., 2012, [7] 46, F 3+ 1-Right posterior superior frontal gyrus
2-Left anterior cingulate gyrus
HA, NV and LUE paresis Non-familial Resection of frontal gyrus and cingulate gyrus lesions 10 days postoperative: residual hyposthenia
Chanda and Nanda, 2002, [9] 52, F 2 1-Dorsal midbrain region
2-Left occipital region
Ataxia, diplopia, and dysarthria Not reported Resection of midbrain lesion Not reported
El Asri et al., 2014, [10] 46, F 2+ 1-Left occipital lobe
2-Right cerebellar hemisphere
HA Not reported Resection of left occipital and right cerebellar lesions Not reported
Current case 42, M 4 1-Fourth ventricle
2-Right cerebellum
3-Medial posterior left temporal lobe
HTN, HA, dizziness, ataxia, left facial and tongue numbness, and diplopia Not reported Resection of ventricular and right cerebellar lesions 6 months postoperative: no residual deficit
  1. F female, HA headache, HTN hypertension, LUE left upper extremity, M male, NV nausea and vomiting