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Fig. 1

From: Simultaneous and sequential hemorrhage of multiple cerebral cavernous malformations: a case report

Fig. 1

Cranial imaging of multiple cerebral cavernous malformations. a Computed tomography scan indicating two areas suspicious for acute hemorrhage: one within the fourth ventricle and the other adjacent to the calvarium in the patient’s right cerebellum. b Gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging showing lesion in left lateral cerebellar hemisphere. c Magnetic resonance imaging with contrast showing heterogeneous enhancement in the right cerebellar mass. d Computed tomography scan demonstrating increased hemorrhage and size within the ventricular lesion and the new hemorrhagic hyperdensity within the left medial temporal location. e Computed tomography scan displaying further hemorrhagic enlargement of the intraventricular and temporal lesions with development of hydrocephalus. f Postoperative magnetic resonance imaging showing complete resection of fourth ventricular and right cerebellar masses

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