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Table 1 Summary of the literature for cases of organizing pneumonia associated with the use of hypomethylating agents

From: Azacitidine-induced cryptogenic organizing pneumonia: a case report and review of the literature

Case report Age/ Gender Presentation Onset Radiographic findings Lung biopsy findings Treatment and outcome
Adams et al. [5] 71-year-old male Shortness of breath and dyspnea Immediately after 7-day course of first cycle of azacitidine Bilateral perihilar airspace shadowing Acute and chronic interstitial and alveolar fibrosis with chronic inflammation consistent with organizing pneumonia Died few weeks later
Sekhri et al. [6] 56-year-old male Not clear Not clear Non-resolving organizing pneumonia Non-resolving organizing pneumonia pattern with bronchocentric granulomatous pattern suggestive of drug-induced lung disease Successfully treated with steroids with resolution of lung infiltrate
Kuroda et al. [7] 72-year-old male Pyrexia After 7-day course of azacitidine Acute interstitial pneumonitis N/A Died
Hueser and Patel [8] 55-year-old female Hyperthermia Not clear Acute interstitial pneumonitis that led to acute respiratory failure N/A Responded to high-dose methylprednisolone
Vasu et al. [9] 65-year-old male Cough, fever, and chills 2 weeks after initiating decitabine Consolidation of lower lobe of left lung Patchy areas of organizing pneumonia with fibrin balls within the alveoli and air spaces Dramatic improvement with methylprednisolone
Current case 67-year-old male Shortness of breath and dyspnea 2 weeks after second cycle of azacitidine Multifocal pulmonary consolidation and bilateral interstitial thickening Chronic nonspecific inflammation with macrophages consistent with organizing pneumonia Variable response to steroids. Remained on home oxygen
  1. N/A not available