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Table 1 Differences between our patients and other patients reported in the literature

From: Tapia’s syndrome: pathogenetic mechanisms, diagnostic management, and proper treatment: a case series

  Our three patients Cases previously reported in the literature
Diagnostic airway endoscopy Carried out in all patients None
Recovery time All patients recovered lost function within 3 months after diagnosis 6 months [2]
Swallowing rehabilitation program Carried out in all patients None
Multidisciplinary approach Neurology, rehabilitation, and maxillofacial services worked together None
Demonstrable anesthetic trauma Yes Yes [2]
MRI used for diagnosis None Yes [6]
Nerve palsy confirmed by neurology service of our hospital Yes Not reported
Patient recovery confirmed by rehabilitation service of our hospital Yes Not Reported
Failure of epiglottis and pyriform sinus confirmed by video endoscopy Yes None
  1. MRI magnetic resonance imaging