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Fig. 1

From: Isolated torsion of the fallopian tube in a menopausal woman and a pre-pubertal girl: two case reports

Fig. 1

Pre-operative, peri-operative, and macroscopic images in case 1. a: Transvaginal ultrasonography demonstrated a 73 × 47 mm cystic mass (arrow) with a partial internal high-echoic lesion (arrow head). b: Laparoscopic view of the right fallopian tube (arrow). U uterus, FT right fallopian tube, T tumor. c: The area shown in Fig. 1b after detorsion. The tumor can be seen arising from the distal end of the right fimbria (arrow). Note the improved color of the right fallopian tube. F right fimbria, FT right fallopian tube, O right ovary. d: Macroscopic image of the excised solid tubal tumor. Contents of the tumor were black and fragmented. e :Macroscopic image of the removed right fallopian tube. The tumor origin site was not clear

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