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Table 1 Reported cases of McCune–Albright syndrome with Cushing’s syndrome, hepatobiliary and cardiovascular disease

From: Neonatal McCune–Albright syndrome with systemic involvement: a case report

Sex Age Cushing’s syndrome Liver disease Heart disease Treatment/Outcome Reference
F 37 days + Elevated LFTs Cardiomegaly Death (heart failure age 132 days) [11]
M 10 months + Elevated LFTs, direct hyperbilirubinemia Cardiomegaly, low ejection fraction, hypertension Aminoglutethimide and metyrapone until age 2 years. Adrenalectomy at 2-years old. Death from cardiac arrest at age 3 years [12]
F 2 months + Elevated LFTs, direct hyperbilirubinemia Left ventricular hypertrophy Adrenalectomy at 3 months. Death at age 2 years from anaphylaxis and/or adrenal insufficiency [12]
M 10 weeks + Hepatomegaly Cardiomegaly NR [13]
F 17 days + Elevated LFTs, direct hyperbilirubinemia, hepatomegaly Left ventricular hypertrophy Metyrapone. Death from pneumonia at age 4 months Presented case
  1. F female, LFTs liver function tests, M male, NR not reported