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Table 1 All intraparenchymal meningiomas until January 2014

From: Intraparenchymal meningioma mimicking cavernous malformation: a case report and review of the literature

Series Gender/age (years) Location Clinical presentation Radiology Surgery Pathology Post-operative treatment Recurrence Outcome follow-up (years)
Emoto, 1954 [11] F/26 Frontal Motor disorder Solid mass/no CM GTE fibrous NS NS NS
Drake, 1986 [12] M/12 Temporal Seizure NS STE Transitional NAT NS 3
Suematsu, 1974 [13] M/0.4 Parietal Seizure NS GTE Fibrous NS No 2.5
Morimoto, 1976 [14] F/17 Parietal Seizure macrocephaly Solid mass/no CM GTE Anaplastic NS No 2.4
Mena 1978 [15] 31/M Temporo-parietal Seizure Solid mass GTE Sarcomatous NS No 0.8
Legius, 1985 [16] M/1.2 Parietal Seizure hyperdense/CM only CT GTE Fibrous NAT No ND/2.2
Schroeder, 1987 [17] M/7 Frontal Seizure Classified mass/no CM GTE Fibroblastic NS NS NS
Kimura 1987 [18] M/0.9 Frontal Seizure NS GTE Fibrous NAT No ND/5
Sakaki 1987 [19] M/0.9 Frontal Seizure Solid mass/homogeneous CM GTE Fibrous NAT No Good/5
Mamourian, 1991 [20] F/2 Frontal Macrocephaly NS GTE Psammomatous NS No 0.3
Matsumoto 1992 [21] M/6 Frontal Seizure lesion/CM GTE Transitional NS NS 2
Nakahara, 1993 [22] M/56 Cerebellar cortex No Round mass/partial CM GTE Fibroblastic NAT No ND
Kaneko, 1993 [23] F/12 Temporal Seizure Solid mass/CM GTE Meningothelial NS NS NS
Kohama, 1996 [24] F/1.8 Frontal Seizure Solid mass/CM GTE Fibroblastic NAT No ND/2
Sathi S, 1992 [25] M/23 Frontal Seizure Smooth lobulated mass/no CM GTE Psammomatous NAT No ND
Sanli, 1996 [26] M/23 Frontal Seizure Low intense mass GTE Psammomatous NS NS NS
Starshak, 1996 [27] M/6.8 Frontal Headache Cyst/heterogeneous CM GTE Sarcomatous Rd, ch No 5
Teo 1998 [28] F/1.8 Brainstem Hemiparesis Multi-lobulated mass + CM STE Clear cell Rd refused 70% remnant Poor
Shimizu, 1999 [29] F/46 Parietal Seizure Low intense GTE Fibrous NAT No NS
Wada, 2000 [10] F/45 Parietal Sensible disorders seizure Solid mass + cyst/homogeneous CM (glioma) GTE Chordoid NAT No ND/0.8
Karadereler, 2004 [2] M/14 Temporal Seizure Solid mass/heterogeneous CM GTE Fibrous NS No ND/3
Tekko, 2005 [30] F/54 Temporal Headache Solid mass/homogenous CM (metastatic) GTE Fibrous NAT No ND/1
Kim, 2005 [31] F/41 Frontal Seizure Solid mass + cyst + CM (glioma, metastatic, meningioma) GTE Anaplastic NAT No ND/1.3
Zhang, 2007 [32] M/16 Occipital Seizure Solid mass + cyst + CM GTE Atypical Rd No ND/1.6
Dutta, 2009 [33] F/36 Temporal Headache Solid mass + cyst + CM GTE Rhabdoid Rd Yes Poor
Yamada, 2010 [34] M/60 Parietal Motor weakness Solid mass + cyst + CM (glioma) STE Meningothelial NAT Rest ND
Shimbo, 2011 [35] M/10 Frontal Seizure Solid mass + CM edema GTE Meningothelial with chordoid NAT No ND/0.4
Jiang, 2012 [36] M/23 Brainstem Motor weakness and facial palsy Solid mass + cyst + CM GTE Papillary WHO III Rd Yes ND
Present case M/42 Parietal Seizure Solid mass + CM (cavernoma) GTE Psammomatous NAT No ND/2
  1. Ch: chemotherapy; CM: contrast enhancement; CT: computed tomography scan; F: female; GTE: gross total excision; M: male; NAT: no adjuvant therapy; ND: no deficits; NS: not stated; Rd: radiotherapy; STE: subtotal excision; WHO:World Health Organization [37].