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Table 1 The patient’s arterial blood gas analysis and data findings on admission

From: Septic shock due to Aeromonas hydrophila bacteremia in a patient with alcoholic liver cirrhosis: a case report

Arterial blood gas analysis (room air) Complete blood cell count Biochemistry
pH 7.196 WBC 2150/μL TP 5.2g/dL
PaCO2 21.9mmHg Hgb 6.8g/dL Albumin 2.5g/dL
PaO2 91.2mmHg Hct 21.5% AST 180U/L
HCO3 8.2mmol/L PLT 2.7×104/μL ALT 70U/L
Base excess –18.5mmol/L    T-Bil 1.60mg/dL
Lactate 18mmol/L    D-Bil 0.98mg/dL
Glucose 91mg/dL    BUN 22.8mg/dL
  Coagulation Creatinine 1.68mg/dL
   PT 29% Na 142mmol/L
   INR 1.84 K 3.6mmol/L
   APTT 89.9 seconds Cl 106mmol/L
   Fibrinogen <50mg/dL CRP 0.37mg/dL
   D-dimer 6.6μg/mL Procalcitonin 3.290ng/mL
   AT3 20% Endotoxin 14.2pg/mL
  1. ALT, alanine transaminase; APTT, activated partial thromboplastin time; AST, aspartate transaminase; AT3, antithrombin 3; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; Cl, chlorine; CRP, C-reactive protein; D-Bil, direct bilirubin; HCO3, bicarbonate; Hct, hematocrit; Hgb, hemoglobin; INR, international normalized ratio; K, potassium; Na, sodium; PaCO2, carbon dioxide partial pressure arterial; PaO2, oxygen partial pressure arterial; PLT, platelet count; PT, prothrombin time; T-Bil, total bilirubin; TP, total protein; WBC, white blood cell count.