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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of GIST patients with skeletal muscle metastases

From: Metastasis of gastrointestinal stromal tumor to skeletal muscle: a case report

Case Reference [No.] Age/Sex Primary site Location of muscle metastases (years)* Initial DDx Other metastases (years)* Outcome (years)*
1 Pasku et al.[3] 56/F Pelvic cavity Gluteal muscle (2) Leiomyosarcoma Lung (1) NED (3)
2 Cichowitz et al.[4] 23/F Small intestine Adductor longus (over 5) GIST Liver (2) AWD (over 5)
3 Bashir et al.[5] 56/M Small intestine Upper back muscle (within 1) Leiomyosarcoma Cardiac adrenal (1) AWD (1)
4 Present case 54/M Small intestine Quadriceps (at the initial consultation) Leiomyosarcoma None DOD (0.5)
  1. *Period from the initial diagnosis. GIST, gastrointestinal stromal tumor; DDx, differential diagnosis; F, female; NED, no evidence of disease; AWD, alive with disease; M, male; DOD, died of disease.