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Table 6 Treatment costs based on treatment time and procedures

From: Delayed primary closure of contaminated abdominal wall defects with non-crosslinked porcine acellular dermal matrix compared with conventional staged repair: a retrospective study

  Group 1 Group 2
Median time to abdominal wall repair 20 days (range 0–58 days) 352 days (range 30–3100 days)
Mean costs for initial hospital admission €21,542 (range 2871–63,603) €20,089 (range 2300–60,962)
Mean costs of porcine acellular dermal matrix Group 1 or synthetic mesh Group 2 €2353 (range 1760–8000) €450 (range 180–720)
Mean costs of staged hernia repair (with second hospital stay)   €3180 (range 2300–7427)
Mean in-hospital days on readmission for hernia repair   6.9 (range 3–10)