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Table 1 Chest wall tumors and related symptoms

From: An unusual timing for symptomatic chest pain in an adult chest wall myofibroma: a case report

  Common presenting age (years old) Typical symptoms
Myofibroma (the reported case) N/A N/A
Lipoma 50–70 An asymptomatic, well-circumscribed mobile mass
Multiple myeloma >60 Bone pain when movement and changing position
Osteosarcoma 10–25, and >40 A rapidly expanding, painful chest wall mass (usually in ribs and sternum)
Ewing sarcoma (Askin’s tumor) 14 (most in children and sometimes in young adults) Chest wall pain (usually a solitary tumor in ribs, sternum, scapula, clavicle, or paravertebral region)
Chondrosarcoma >50 An enlarging, painful, anterior chest wall mass (common involvement of costochondral arches or sternum)
Breast carcinoma in men 65–67 A painless firm mass
Metastatic neoplasm Usually in adults Chest wall pain (might include pathologic fracture)
  1. N/A: Not Applicable.