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Table 1 Characteristics of patients treated conservatively for colouterine fistulas

From: Colouterine fistula after polymyomectomy: a case report

Author (year) Age (years) Etiology Emergency setting Surgical management Fertility at late follow up
Choi (2012) [12] 81 Diverticulitis Yes Bowel resection No
Zeino et al. (2011) [13] 43 Intrauterine device No Direct repair (suture) No
Dadhwal et al. (2008) [14] 24 Foreign body in the uterus No Direct repair (suture) No
Shaw et al. (1995) [15] 26 Foreign body ingestion No Bowel resection ?
Fadel (1977) [16] 32 Myomectomy No Bowel resection ?