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Table 1 Summary table of case reports on adult patients with supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor

From: A supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor presenting with intracranial hemorrhage in a 42-year-old man: a case report and review of the literature

Study Number of patients Age (years) Sex Clinical presentation Intracerebral hemorrhage Treatment Outcome
Bellis et al. [5] 1 57 M Seizures No S, R Died after five months
Gaffney et al. [6] 7 22 to 35 2F+5M Increased ICP No S, ±R, ±C Seven months to nine years
Kuratsu et al. [7] 1 31 M Headache, hemiparesis, papilledema No S, C Died after 15 months
Louis et al. [16] 1 40 M Hydrocephalus No S, R Spinal metastasis after 18 years
Miyazawa et al. [17] 1 21 F Headache No S, R, C 27 years follow-up
Selassie et al. [18] 1 60 M Visual difficulty No S, R, C Died after eight months
Pickuth and Leutloff [8] 5 20 to 57 2F+3M Increased ICP No S, ±R, ±C Died after four to 25 months
Sanno et al. [9] 1 50 F Seizures No S NS
Takeuchi et al. [19] 1 69 M Decline of higher cortical functions No S, R, C 30 months follow-up
Gyure et al. [20] 4 30 to 40 4M Various No S, ±R, ±C Died after two to five years
Prados et al. [21] 4 21 to 42 3M+1F Not specified No S, R, C 23 to 66 months
Gnanaligham et al. [22] 1 38 F Vertigo - diplopia No S Died after five months
Krishnamurthy et al. [23] 1 51 F Visual field defects No S, R, C Alive at 18 months follow-up
Balafouta et al. [10] 1 60 M Headache, Broca’s aphasia and hemiparesis No S, R, C 12 months
Majós et al.[24] 7 21 to 67 NS NS No NS NS
Kim et al. [4] 12 20 to 64 6M+6F Increased ICP No S, ±R, ±C Mean survival 86 months
Kouyialis et al. [25] 1 32 F Headaches, fatigue, gait disturbances No S Alive at 24 months
Shingu et al. [11] 1 88 F Disturbance of consciousness, left hemiplegia No Biopsy, C Died after six months
Krampulz et al. [12] 1 33 M Seizures, dizziness No S, R, C Alive after 17 years
Han et al. [13] 1 29 M Increased ICP No S, R, C Died after two years from spine and lung metastases
Terheggen et al. [26] 1 26 M Headache, nausea, coordination problems and monoparesis No S, R Multiple liver metastases and local tumor recurrence
Alive after four years
Ohba et al. [14] 1 56 M Facial palsy No S, R Died after five months
Prayson [27] 1 48 F Headaches and confusion No S Recurrence after 10 months
Died after 13 months
Gessi et al. [28] 12 32 to 64 6F+6M NS No NS Varied from death at two months to five years disease free
Lawandy et al. [15] 1 22 M Increased ICP No S NS
Present case 1 42 M Coma Massive intracerebral hemorrhage S Death
  1. +/−: on some cases; C chemotherapy, F female, ICP intracranial pressure, M male, NS not specified, R radiotherapy; S surgery.