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Table 2 Summary of reported cases of adult pneumococcal meningitis with normal cerebrospinal fluid cell counts

From: Adult pneumococcal meningitis presenting with normocellular cerebrospinal fluid: two case reports

Case/authors Age/sex
Underlying condition Other site of infection Cerebrospinal fluid examination Antibiotics Outcome
Cell/PMN (/μL) Glucose (mg/dL) Protein (mg/dL) Gram stain
1/Fishbein et al.[4] 33/M Hodgkin’s disease None 0/0 1 685 GPC CET→CP Death
2/Fishbein et al.[4] 57/M Alcoholism Pneumonia 1/0 130 97 Negative PCG Survival
3/Fishbein et al.[4] 86/M None Pneumonia 0/0 221 40 GPC PCG Death
4/Ris et al.[5] 50/F None Pneumonia 0/0 95 21 Negative CTX→PCG Survival
5/Zenebe [6] 18/M ND None 0/0 4 300 GPC None Death
6/Uchihara et al.[7] 52/M None None 6/2 71 26 ND CMX→PCG→ABPC+RFP Survival
7/Montassier et al.[8] 60/F None None 0/0 70 39 Negative CTRX Survival
8/Alvarez et al.[9] 37/M None None 1/ND 52 47 Negative VCM+CFPM+MNZ→CTRX Survival
9/present case 1 34/F Splenectomy None 2/1 56 40 GPC CTX+VCM→CTX Survival
10/present case 2 62/M None Pneumonia 1/0 8 125 GPC None Death
  1. ABPC Ampicillin, CET Cephalothin, CFPM Cefepime, CMX Cefmenoxime, CP Chloramphenicol, CTRX Ceftriaxone, CTX Cefotaxime, F Female, GPC Gram-positive cocci, M Male, MNZ Metronidazole, ND Not described, PCG Penicillin G, PMN Polymorphonuclear leukocytes, RFP Rifampin, VCM Vancomycin.