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Table 4 Routine laboratory results for Case report 2

From: Rotational thromboelastometry and multiple electrode platelet aggregometry in four patients with abnormal routine coagulation studies before removal of epidural catheters after major surgery: a case series and research study

  Hb g/L PT-INR APTT seconds Plc 106/mL Creatinine umol/L Albumin g/L
Preoperative 142 1.0 25 230 49 36
On tenth postoperative day 107 1.0 50* 149 44 Not measured
At time of epidural catheter removal, 11th postoperative day. 113 1.0 31 178 45 Not measured
  1. Summary of Case report 2’s routine laboratory studies. APTT: activated partial thromboplastin time. Hb: hemoglobin. Plc: platelet count. PT-INR: prothrombin time-international normalized ratio. *: outside normal reference range.